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Ballycarton Wood/Binevenagh trail

A short linear route from Ballycarton Wood, along the forest track through Binevenagh Forest. Undulating track offers great views of the cliffs and glimpses of Lough Foyle, Magilligan and Benone Strand.

Downhill Beach also lies in the area.



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3 miles

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Dusted forest track with some steep gradients

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Start from the car park at Ballycarton Wood off the A2 Aghanloo Road (C687304). Alternative start point at Swann's Bridge picnic site just off the Causeway Coastal Route (C671 307).

From Ballycarton Wood follow the path running adjacent to the A2 for a short distance before the trail starts to climb through the forest. The trail meanders as you travel north gaining height before it undulates along the foot of the mountain. The route is waymarked throughout the forest. After 2 miles the forest opens to your right revealing the cliff face of Binevenagh where you may see ravens, peregrines, buzzards or even gliders soaring above you. The entrance to the Nature Reserve is on your right (no cycling in the reserve please!)

The trail turns left at a right angle with a descent before swinging round and climbing eastwards as the the view opens up towards the North Coast. The trail finishes at the forest gate a short distance away where you can leave a car to return to the start or simply retrace your route back to Ballycarton.

getting to the start

By car is the easiest way to access the site. Follow the Causeway Coastal Route along Seacoast Road (B69) or the A2 from Limavady.


May encounter Forest Service vehicles on route. Popular with walkers, runners and orienteers/adventure racers.


Nearest facilities for refreshments and toilets at Limavady town(5 miles)

information for People with a Disability

Dusted forest track with steep gradients in places.

available publications

Info from Limavady TIC 028 7776 0307

Info from Limavady TIC 028 7776 0307


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I agree with above, its sad that these forestry affiliated anti-fun and narrow minded individuals are getting away with damaging this beautiful environment because they think they have the say so. They will never stop us however, those of us who can really appreciate and sustainably enjoy this forest by biking here.


A very good track but has been ruined by the forrestry who insist on digging up or felling trees on some of the very good single lane tracks through this forrest,An Irish national downhill event was held here a few years ago,but all that remains is a few short sectiond of this,the rest have been destroyed,,should state no trees were removed,comon goverment what is the tourists/daytrippers coming over here for,,no problem in getting a track built,its letting it stay built is the problem

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